How To Package Your Eyeglasses Properly

1. If your glasses have individual pieces, wrap each piece with a paper towel, wrapping paper, or plastic wrap.

This prevents any scratching or loose items moving around during shipping

2. Take all the pieces and secure them in a small box to ship them out.

If you have an eyeglass case, it's recommended to put the wrapped pieces

inside of the case, then inside the box.

3. Include your a printed page of your "ORDER CONFIRMATION" email with all of your order information.

This helps us keep your order organized and processed correctly.

4. Seal the package and place the tracking postage label visibily on the package.

Take a note of your tracking #, and send us an email with your tracking # and First and Last Name.

Where to Send Your Eyeglasses:

Eyeglass Repairs

PO BOX 10257

7611 Horse Lake Rd

Brooksville, FL 34603

We recommend using USPS First Class Shipping.

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